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Trading Freak Academy (Full Course) Download

Trading Freak Academy (Full Course) Download

Welcome to Trading Freak Academy. I am JP, I go by the name Trading_freak on Instagram. I have been trading for over 5 years, 3 years of retail, a year and a half of SMC, and almost a year of algo. Within my trading style I’ve adapted all that I learned from retail, SMC, and algo to now create what I use today. My goal is to bring value to you and help guide you through your trading journey. Trading is one of the hardest skills to gain not because trading is hard but because you truly have to learn how to master your mind, the rest will fall in place. This program is mainly course/webinar based, because I like to be hands on. I believe that this is best because I can answer questions and clarify concerns as they arrive in the moment. This allows you as the student to be more hands on as well, as I go through examples requiring you to actively participate.

Here you will learn how I trade:

  1. Unlearning and relearning
  2. Identification of strong highs/lows
  3. Liquidity
  4. About OBs, Identifying Your POIs, POI selection
  5. Entry types and entry confirmations
  6. Exit plans
  7. Understanding the way the Algo moves
  8. Advance time and price
  9. Much more

I’m always a student to the markets and you should as well. There will always be more to learn and/or refine. Trading should be fun, and you should enjoy the process of growth, as I go by “1% better every day”.

This is something that I am doing for a limited amount of time, to give back to the community and to help traders that needs a helping hand.

I hope you find great value here.

Thank you for picking me to be that guide in your journey, I’ll see you in the inside!