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Ship 30 for 30 – 90-Minute Novel Download

Ship 30 for 30 – 90-Minute Novel Download

And here’s everything you will unlock inside our 90-Minute Novel mini-course:

1) Lifetime Access To Our 90-Minute Novel Live Masterclass Recording

By the end of this 2-hour video training, you will:

Understand the secret to becoming a prolific fiction writer—so you can start writing and self-publishing your stories in record time.

Master the art of Category Creation, and gain the most powerful skill in fiction writing (that nobody is talking about): how to create a new, unique, and different Sub-Genre so you can become known for a niche you own.

Leverage Plot Archetypes to tell proven stories (guaranteed to hook readers): These Plot Archetypes are the foundations of some of the most well-known stories in history—from Star Wars to Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Kite Runner, Red Rising, and beyond.

Use the 3-Act Structure to outline your story from start to finish: Using one of the most popular and reliable storytelling structures out there, we will show you how to quickly create a high-level outline of your novel.

Execute advanced World Building like a pro: Combining your Sub-Genre, Plot Archetype, and 3-Act Structure Outline, we will show you how to build an entire, differentiated world for your story—from settings to characters—in record time.

2) 5-Step Novel Outline Framework + Library of ChatGPT World Building Prompts

Along with the recording of our masterclass, you will get lifetime access to a Notion doc with our step-by-step framework for outlining a fiction story from start to finish AND our library of ChatGPT prompts to automate the entire process.

Prompts & templates included:

[ChatGPT] Sub-Genre Brainstorming Prompt: Not sure how to create a new Sub-Genre for yourself? Don’t worry, we give you a prompt to do it automatically.

[ChatGPT] Plot Archetype Generator Prompt: Not sure what type of story you can tell within your chosen Sub-Genre? Here’s a prompt that will give you dozens of ideas.

[ChatGPT] 3-Act Story Outline Prompt: Use this prompt to instantly turn any Sub-Genre and Plot Archetype combination into a fully outlined story in the 3-Act format.

[ChatGPT] World Building Megaprompt: 5 cutting-edge prompts to help you name your fictional world, design a map, generate unique world attributes, create a roster of main & supporting characters, and write backgrounds & bios for each one.

[ChatGPT + Midjourney] Story Cover/Poster Prompt: Bring your story to life by creating a stunning book cover or movie poster based on your Sub-Genre & Outline using Midjourney.

[Template] 100+ Plot Archetypes! Combine this list with your Sub-Genre and you will have hundreds upon hundreds of potential story ideas.

[Template] 3-Act Structure Outline: Use this simple but proven structure to outline your story.

[Template] 30 World Building Attributes! A comprehensive list of unique variables to help you differentiate your Plot, Setting, and Characters.

3) Additional AI Storytelling Bonus Resources!

In addition, we also want to give you some of our favorite (little-known) fiction & storytelling resources, including:

3-Act Outline Examples: Harry Potter, Red Rising, and Kite Runner. These examples of the 3-Act Outline in action will help you internalize how this storytelling structure works at the highest level.

James Patterson Outline Example: A secret outline example from one of the world’s most successful fiction writers of all time (net worth ~$900M). This outline from one of his best-selling books will give you a blueprint for how to quickly create the first version of your novel.

Recommended Resources: A list of our favorite writing & storytelling resources, including books, free courses, and more—all of which will add to your toolbox of skills as a writer.