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Lillian Chiu – Breaking into Business Analytics in Tech Download

What’s included? 

23 Lessons

Includes learning materials: Raw Data, Problem Solving Framework, Presentation Templates, and more

Total Video Duration: Approximately 3.4 hours

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Course Outline:

Ch 1 Problem Solving Framework
Ch 2 Logical Thinking: Structuring the Business Problem
Ch 3 Analytical Thinking / Asking the Right Data Questions
Ch 4 Data Analytics: Data Wrangling, Visualization, Extracting Insights
  • 4.1 How to Organize and Prepare for Data Analysis Using Google Slides and Google Sheets
  • 4.2 Data Analysis Example: Analyzing Total Demand
  • 4.3 Data Analysis Example: Analyzing Top Performing Stores
  • 4.4 Data Analysis Example: Analyzing Worst Performing Store
  • 4.5 Data Analysis Example: Analyzing Order Frequency
  • 4.6 Data Analysis Example: Analyzing Average Order Size
Ch 5 Developing Business Recommendations
  • 5.1 The Key to Creating a Business Strategy
  • 5.2 Turning Insights into Business Recommendations (step-by-step Part 1)
  • 5.3 Turning Insights into Business Recommendations (step-by-step Part 2)
Ch 6 Building a Business Presentation
  • 6.1 Building a Winning Business Presentation – Storytelling
  • 6.2 Structuring a Business Presentation
  • 6.3 Formatting: Visual Thinking, Writing Headline, Communications Flow
  • 6.4 Driving Impact: Integrate Your Business Logic Thinking into Your Presentation
  • 6.5 How to Write and Present Data, Insights, and Business Recommendations (Formulas + Templates)
  • 6.6 The Most Important Slide: How to Write a Concise Executive Summary
  • 6.7 Final Presentation Tip/Submitting your Case Study
Ch 7 Preparing for a Business Analyst Role
  • 7.1 What does a Business Analyst actually do? What are the 3 core skills?
  • 7.2 Common Career Background/Relevant Work Experiences
Ch 8 Business Analyst Job and Interview Tips
  • 8.1 How to find business analyst roles & tips for applying/How to prepare and write your resume?
  • 8.2 What to expect during your business analyst interviews?