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A quick message from Tony Shepherd…
If you’re on my list you’ve probably read my unique emails…
They’re pretty well-known in the internet marketing world
Subjects ranging from slum tourism to the true story of Dr Gay Hitler
From the gruesome case of Elmer McCurdy right through to the freaky theory that Megalodon sharks possibly still roam the seas
I’ve gone from the death-bed words of Johnny Cash directly into a sales pitch for my publication about how to create a core profit strategy in your online business
I’ve even gone seamlessly from an email about how a man was almost suffocated by his girlfriend’s ample breasts into a sales pitch for my book about how to replace your salary with an online income that brought me tens of thousands of dollars.
Silly stories right?
No – absolutely not –  there’s nothing silly about watching money plop into your PayPal account after sending a story out to your email list
Because there’s a reason I use content in the way that I do.
These are marketing strategies I use to make sell my own products, make commissions and  build relationships with my buyers and brand myself as a top-flight content marketer.
Weird content though?
Well maybe 🙂
But that same weird content brings me a six-figure yearly income and has been responsible for my dream lifestyle and working from home just a few hours a day.
So here’s the truth behind these stories…
They allow me to mail my list almost every day of the year and not lose subscribers.
They allow me to add stories to my salespages, my products, my Facebook and blog posts and every other bit of content I create.
And they allow me to SELL CONSTANTLY without alienating or pushing away my readers because adding a sales link to a story is the easiest way to make a sale that I’ve ever come across!