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Jasmine Star – Your Social Media Bootcamp


Transform Your Social Media Marketing In 30 Days


  • Improve the visibility and exposure of your business
  • Set a 30-day marketing plan that increases your engagement
  • Create content that represents the value of your brand


Are you a small business owner, entrepreneur or a brand enthusiast looking for a social media transformation? In this course, Jasmine Star, gives you the skills to dramatically improve and grow your social media marketing to work for you. Utilizing some lucky entrepreneurs, Jasmine will lay everything out on the table- from how to develop a plan, how to consult and create with a brand photographer, and how to show up with the content on days you think you have none. Jasmine will teach how to grow your audience with more than just numbers, but an engaged community that leads to sales.


  • Small business owners
  • Brand photographers
  • Entrepreneurs


Jasmine Star helps entrepreneurs build a brand and market it on social media. After quitting law school, she picked up a camera, built an internationally recognized business, and teaches others how to do the same. In addition to chasing wild dreams, Jasmine works with her husband and grumpy dog, and you’ll likely find her walking her hometown streets of Newport Beach, California with a box of gluten-free donuts.


1. Promise of This Class
2. Class Introduction
3. Identifying Your Dream Customer
4. How To Engage With Your Dream Customer
5. Assess Your Marketing and Engagement
6. How to Find the Gap in Your Market
7. How to Create Content Your Dream Customer Wants
8. How to Prepare for Your Social Media Branding Photoshoot
9. What to Expect From Your Social Media Branding Photoshoot
10. How To Create Real Time, Behind-the-Scenes Marketing
11. Social Media Bootcamp Hot Seat
12. How to Guarantee Social Media Success
13. Audience Hot Seats
14. The Secret of Growing on Instagram
15. Branded Photo Shoot Tips and Tricks
16. How to Start Building Your Brand on Social Media
17. Q&A
18. Social Media Aesthetics
19. Branding Photoshoot Reveal
20. Hot Seat – Building an Artisan Following
21. How to Write Engaging Captions For Social Media
22. Hot Seat – Multiple Instagram Accounts
23. How To Plan, Organize, and Create a Month of Posts in One Day
24. Why Facebook Still Is a Powerful Platform
25. Hot Seat – Showing Benefits of Products
26. How To Use Direct Messages – Turn Followers Into Customers
27. Creating Your Direct Message Strategy
28. Getting Results From Your DMs
29. Photo Shoots – Product & Family
30. Using Hashtags to Grow Your Business
31. Hot Seat #1 – Alicia Tisdale
32. Planning a Month of Posts in One Day
33. Indigo Tide Market & Highway 3 Business Updates
34. Your 45-Minute Social Media Workflow
35. Q&A – 45 Minute Workflow
36. Hot Seat – Kayla, Balancing Being a Mom and Having a Business
37. Take Action