You are currently viewing Create 24/7 (Edition X) – The Blueprint for Building a Million Dollar Business Download

Create 24/7 (Edition X) – The Blueprint for Building a Million Dollar Business Download

Create 24/7 (Edition X) – The Blueprint for Building a Million Dollar Business Download

Discover the proven methods I personally used to earn over one million dollars on X. This is everything you need to know to build a social media empire.

This is the blueprint.


Create 24/7 (Edition X): The Blueprint for Building a Million Dollar Business

Let me explain…

Millions fail on social media because they waste time trying to figure it out on their own. You could get some results, but there’s a chance of wasting months on strategies that won’t get you anywhere. Create 24/7 changes the game. It is a step-by-step blueprint that shows you exactly what you need to do to build an audience so that you can start making money online.

As a public school teacher, I learned that it’s all about systems. So, I set out to design a course that would be actionable on top of being informational.

Most courses aren’t written with you in mind, this one is.

Most courses are written by online marketers who don’t know how to teach. Good news, I’m BOTH. I’m a former public school teacher who taught for 20 years. I spent my spare time building an account from the ground up, growing an audience, and monetizing. I took detailed notes during the whole process and put them together for YOU.

What would normally take years to learn by yourself, we’ve packaged together in ONE course.

When it comes to building a business on X there are 3 steps to make money:

  1. CREATE – Put together a profile that ATTRACTS followers. We are visual creatures but only a small minority understand visuals. Learn how to use visuals to create a magnetic brand that will bring people to your account.
  2. GROW – Build an audience. We are emotional creatures but we are taught to write logically. I’ll re-teach you to write posts that are engaging (yet authentic). Learn how to write content that rewires the algo to work in your favor.
  3. PROFIT – Persuade your audience to buy from you. We want to be unique but naturally, follow authority. Learn how to leverage social proof (through content) to stand out on the timeline. Use authority to package your skills into an offer.

In Create 24/7 you will learn what it takes to run a profitable business on X. I will show you EXACTLY what to do in a way that ANYONE can understand.

Here’s what’s inside…

  • Step-by-step strategies that guide you from day one (no experience needed).
  • Branding strategies that will help you create a brand so strong that visitors will come to your page and feel like an absolute fool if they don’t click the follow button.
  • Frameworks that help you define your niche so the content creation practically writes itself.
  • Learn the ins and outs of storytelling so that you can write content that people actually want to read.
  • Magnetic formulas that we use to create viral memes.
  • Writing techniques that generate instant engagement.
  • Organic methods to get more eyes on your profile (yes, there is a process).
  • Growth strategies that will 10X your following.
  • Learn how to manipulate the X algo with organic and inorganic growth methods. You choose which method.
  • Lessons on how to write viral posts on demand. Learn about the downsides of going viral tweets nobody tells you about and how to capitalize on virility.
  • Access insider information that will increase conversions to help 10X your sales and allow you to make even more money online.
  • Everything you need to know about how X Monetization. Learn how X Ad-Revenue works and how to get started with subscriptions.
  • Checklists that you can use to help you launch your first $10,000 product.
  • Frameworks that you can use to help launch your offer that will bring you an absurd amount of coaching clients.
  • Case studies of other prominent X accounts who make six to seven figures online.
  • The Infinite Wheel: Learn how to use your OWN content to create more content
  • BONUS / 17 Secrets to Make Your Sentence Sing: Make words stick in someone’s mind. Learn how to earn retweets. Learn how to make your tweets powerful. Make your writing memorable and beautiful.

Create 24/7 also includes access to a treasure trove of complementary video modules:

  • Create Bios / Create a Brand: Create an account with a purpose. Learn how to maximize your digital real estate so that will attract (and keep) followers. Turn your X profile into a million-dollar funnel.
  • Create Magnetic Content: Learn how to effortlessly gain likes, impressions, and comments. Learn how to post authentically to earn true fans. Learn how to post to establish authority so that you can make MONEY. We teach you how to write content that will get you the outcome you desire.
  • Create Viral Content: Learn how to create viral content (without getting lucky). This is a deep look into the laboratory that we use to write viral content. Learn how to manipulate analytics to write highly engaging tweets on demand.
  • X Algo-Growth: Learn the secrets of the algorithm. This is a video that will show you how to tactically gain 10,000 followers (in one year) on X. I lay out my best strategies. If you want to gain followers, watch this video.
  • Create a Million Dollar Network: Leverage X and utilize this platform’s biggest strength. Learn how to build connections and share ideas. Engagement groups are lame. Build something bigger. Create a Network.
  • Create Money on Twitter: Learn everything there is to know about Affiliate Marketing. Learn the basics of selling on the timeline. Find out what you need to do to get started. Find out what tweets make the most sales. We want to see you make money.
  • Create a 6-Figure Business: Learn how what it takes to become a well-paid content creator. Produce your own lead magnets and use X to capture emails. Learn the basics of a product launch and how to use Gumroad to maximize your profits.
  • Million Dollar X: Learn how to pull the biggest handle towards building wealth on X. Learn how to build High ticket coaching offers. During this module, we will hand you a five-step framework that you can personally fill out so that you can get started selling.
  • BONUS / Create Offers: Dan Koe shows you how to make an extra $5K this month. Learn how to create low and high-ticket offers that sell. There is a process.
  • BONUS / Create a Thought Museum: Ghostwriter JK Molina reveals his system for how he builds swipe files to get 100+ likes on tweets for his and his client’s accounts.
  • BONUS / Create Threads: Millenial Money Woman shows you how to gain thousands of followers just from writing threads. Learn her systems that make complex thread writing simple and easy.
  • BONUS / Create Engagement: Aaron teaches you how to engage like a KING. Make thoughtful comments quickly. Create impressions and gain followers from engaging. Learn how to do it efficiently and properly.

Create 24/7 will take you from beginner to mastery. Download our PROVEN process, frameworks, and approaches taught by the biggest social media influencers. After this, you’ll never need another social media course again.