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Van Tharp – Bear Market Strategies Download

Van Tharp – Bear Market Strategies Download

The Objectives are to ensure you are prepared to prosper in the next bear market (or downturn).

Specifically, you will:

  • Study in-depth the concept of a bear market.

  • Learn what a bear market truly is and learn several ways to define and measure the bear market type.

  • Know when a bear market type might be starting and how to know when it might end.

  • Learn several different trading strategies suited for bear market conditions.

  • Learn how options and hedging can be especially useful for bear market types.

This home study course will help you:

  • Outline a big picture view of bear markets and where we may be now – from a big picture, historic viewpoint.

  • Identify and define bear markets using various methodologies.

  • Understand the psychology of bear markets and the personal psychology required for you to benefit from them

  • Study first-hand trading experiences of bear markets from 1987;1998; 2000; 2008; Japan’s lost decade in the 90s, Oil, 2014-2015

  • Understand basic options strategies useful in bear markets

  • Understand some basic hedging strategies

  • Understand how to be prepared to trade bear markets

  • Create a Systems development process plan

  • Outline your objectives for bear markets

  • Create Position Sizing Strategies for bear markets

This home study helps you learn how to think about trading broad bear markets or trading a specific asset class, sector or even single symbol that is in bear mode. For a major bear market, think equities in 2008-2009. For a move limited to a sector move, think oil in 2014-2015. Imagine having had some ways you could have traded those periods effectively.

Major bear markets come only once in a while but “lesser” down moves can be found almost anytime — including during bull markets. Start using the information from this course — and be prepared for the next bear market move.

Are you prepared for the next bear market?