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Tej Dosa – Clean Your Inner World- Reprogram Your Mind In 45 Days Download


Who it’s for

CYIW is for online entrepreneurs who’ve hit an income ceiling and have gone 90+ days without cleaning their inner world. If this is you, then you probably:
  • Have taken all the courses, read all the books, followed all the money tweeter gurus, but you’re still struggling to breakthrough and hit the income numbers you deserve
  • ​​Go periods of crushing it – firing on all cylinders – only to fall off the wagon and go days, weeks, months without putting in any real effort without knowing why
  • ​​Tell yourself enough is enough and you’re going to make a change by doing x at y time and you’re all excited – only for y time to occur and you find yourself being run by a completely different version of you that doesn’t want to do x
  • ​​Wonder “what would become possible for you and your life if you could just stop overthinking, getting in your own way, and being weighed down by endless judgments, self reflection, and damaging beliefs about yourself”
  • ​​Are in need of a quantum breakthrough quickly

If any of these sound like what you’re going through right now… there’s a strong likelihood your inner world has been overtaken by the ghosts of the past and now they’re running you on auto-pilot (without you even knowing what’s happening)

This is the bad news. The good news?
Clean Your Inner World (CYIW) was made for you!

How it works

CYIW consists of 5-weeks of C.L.E.A.N Training, 45-days of real inner work directly on your consciousness using THE DAILY PRACTICE with group accountability & weekly check-in calls for the duration of the cohort.

Week One – Come back to your inner world
Week Two – Let go of the ghosts of the past
Week Three – Enter the present moment
Week Four –Align your inner world with your outer to create magic
Week Five – Navigate life fearlessly and relentlessly
Enter as the current you, leave as the new you.
(C.L.E.A.N Training + The Daily Practice (60-minutes/daily) is the fastest/easiest/most effective method I’ve discovered for quickly freeing you from the past, unlocking your capacities, and generating quantum breakthroughs both mentally and financially.)