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Rachel Rofé – 8 Week AI Courses (Printables + Print on Demand) Download


In the AI Printables Bootcamp, you’ll master the fusion of AI & printables: the future of effortless e-commerce profits. You’ll learn both how to create them and how to ideally make sales, too.

Specifically you’ll learn:

Week 1: Dive into Revolutionary AI Tools & One-Click SVG Mastery.

– Engage with detailed tutorials designed to make you an expert in AI tool utilization. These tutorials are crafted keeping in mind both beginners and those looking to refine their skills.

– Receive exclusive tips that help you unlock the full potential of your tools, ensuring you’re extracting maximum value from them.

– Benefit from live demonstrations that ensure you harness AI’s power to its fullest, leaving no room for error.

By the end of this week, you’ll not only command a suite of AI tools but also possess the confidence to produce mesmerizing designs that captivate and sell. Week 1 is your stepping stone, setting the pace for a transformative journey that’s going to redefine your Etsy venture.

Week 2: AI-Enhanced Greeting Cards, Masterful AI Copywriting & Unmatched SEO Tactics

– Witness AI copywriting tools in live action, converting complex listing creation into a breeze.

– Comprehensive walkthroughs on Etsy SEO, complemented by successful optimization instances.

– Elite tips on dynamically adjusting your strategies as market trends evolve.

By the end of Week 2, you’ll hold the prowess to design listings that both enchant and achieve top rankings, prepping you for unparalleled Etsy triumphs. Gear up for a massive influx in visibility, interactions, and, most crucially, sales.

Week 3: Advanced AI Artistry, Digital Stickers & The Profitable World of Coloring Pages

– Engage directly with AI tools, live crafting art, stickers, and coloring pages.

– Benefit from expert-guided sessions, ensuring every creative nuance is at your fingertips.

– Access secret tips, ensuring your creations don’t just stand out but are also the first off the virtual shelves.

By Week 3’s finale, you’ll boast a versatile creative portfolio, each item holding the potential of becoming Etsy’s bestseller. With AI as your aide, the horizon of possibilities is boundless.

Week 4: Mastering Repurposed Designs & Ascending to Print-on-Demand Greatness

– Live demos of the provider integration process, illustrating the seamless transformation of your digital masterpieces into tangible products.

– Deep dives into SEO optimization for print-on-demand items, ensuring maximum exposure and sales.

– Expert guidance on plotting your next 90 days, setting attainable objectives, and maintaining accountability.

By Week 4’s end, you’ll be fully armed to conquer the print-on-demand realm. Watch in awe as your creations come alive, launching a spectrum of products that resonate with customers and generate substantial sales.

Week 5: Dive Into Stickers With Print On Demand

– Insider strategies and techniques to propel your print-on-demand sticker venture to new heights.

– Access to resources and tools crafted to simplify your operations and amplify your productivity.

– A thriving community of like-minded entrepreneurs, sharing experiences and insights to fuel your journey.

Week 6: Tote Bag Magic + Harness Organic Traffic with Advanced SEO Strategies

– Innovative techniques to boost your profit margins, squeezing more revenue from each sale.

– Strategies to upsell and cross-sell, elevating the value of each transaction.

– Pricing masterclass: How to price right, ensuring profitability and market competitiveness.

Week 7: Craft AI-Boosted Book Covers & Dive into Personalized Books

– Navigate the personalized book domain, crafting custom experiences for readers.

– Seamlessly integrate print-on-demand tech to produce tailored books efficiently.

– Marketing masterclass for personalized books, ensuring you reach your niche audience.

By the end of Week 7, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to create captivating AI-enhanced book covers and personalized books. Watch as your literary creations captivate readers and generate remarkable sales in the print-on-demand market.

Week 8: Crushin’ it With Candles + Chart Your Route to Print-on-Demand Mastery 

– Strategize your next 90 days, laying down clear goals and actionable milestones.

– Recap on AI tools from the bootcamp, ensuring you utilize them to their fullest potential.

– Embrace our supportive community, gaining insights, and embarking on collaborative ventures.

By the time you complete these bootcamps, you won’t just have knowledge; you’ll be a force to reckon with in the AI and print-on-demand landscape, ready to dominate the marketplace. Your creative prowess, coupled with newfound skills, will place you leagues ahead.