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Oliur – Video Creator Course Download

Oliur – Video Creator Course Download


Up your video quality

If you feel like your video quality isn’t up to scratch, this course will help you with that. You’ll learn some key rules for getting the best and highest quality looking video.

Make serious money

Whether you want to make some extra side income or want to make hundreds of thousands, even millions, I share everything about how to make money from video.

Status and recognition

There’s no doubt that building a brand also builds status and respect. Professional quality video can help you get the recognition, respect and status you deserve.

What to expect?

Scripting and Inspiration

Coming up with ideas, putting those ideas down into a script, and script structure. Perfect the process.

Camera Setup

Recommended camera setup and camera settings to get the most of your camera. Make sure you get the best quality.

Scene Setup

Setting up your scene, figuring out the perfect talking-head setup, and lighting setup.

Audio Setup

Audio is just as important, if not more, than the video quality. We cover how to get super clean audio every time.

Aesthetic B-Roll

Adding B-roll is essential to any content to make it more engaging. We share our full shooting process.

Editing Process

It’s time to put it all together. Sharing how we cut, process and color grade all of the footage.


Learn the various ways to make money from video. We’ve made over $1,000,000 from video content.

Start With an iPhone

The best way to start is with what you have. We show you the best way to shoot video with an iPhone.

Notion YouTube Template

Ready-to-go template for making and scripting YouTube videos.

Correction & Grading LUTs

Get the color of your footage looking great with pre-made LUTs.

Lightroom Presets

Included are all three Lightroom presets to grade your thumbnails.