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Mike Cooch – Services That Scale

Mike Cooch – Services That Scale

Mike Cooch – Services That Scale 

“Use My Proven Tools To ‘Productize’ Your Services And Create Scalable, High-Margin, Recurring-Revenue Service Packages That Are Built On Automation…NOT Hustle.” And the best part: these services don’t require you to be an ‘expert’ to deliver. WARNING:The ‘Services That Scale’ Toolkit IS NOT
  • It’s NOT another course claiming to turn you into a ‘high-ticket’ expert…
  • It’s NOT a month’s long certification program so you can sell your time as a consultant…
  • It’s NOT a bunch of theory based on no (or very little) experience…
  • ​​It’s NOT another hype-filled ‘make money’ training…

It’s A PROVEN FRAMEWORK For Creating Scalable ‘Productized’ Services That Aren’t Based On You Being An ‘Expert’ Or Selling Your Time To Deliver…What if providing marketing services to local businesses didn’t require you to be a ‘high-ticket’ expert selling your time? What if you could offer simple, scalable, automated services instead? That’s what ‘Services That Scale’ is.

It’s a set of tools that show you exactly how to productize your services to create scalable, recurring, high-margin service packages that are built on systems, processes, and automationNOT hustle or expertise. Learn How To Create Scalable, Recurring Revenue, High-Margin Services That Help You Get Out Of The Client Services Trap And Build A Business You Can Actually Sell. Services That Scale is our total training program revealing you how to construct your own high-margin, repeating profits scalable services that get you off of the customer service treadmill.
– The core concepts of developing services that scale .
– Why using Agency services, Consulting services, and other expert services to small companies is a ‘Trap’ . and how to leave it!
– The detailed procedure to create scalable, repeating profits, high-margin services .
– Why doing more for your customers is really undermining your success and restricting your development!
– The finest kinds of services to provide to get away the ‘Client Services Trap’ .
– How to price your services for quick sales and high margins .
– How to utilize your Scalable Services so you can offer them FAST .
– How to have the self-confidence to state ‘NO’ to customers that desire you to tailor your service .
– Why selling and appealing ‘outcomes’ is generally the worst thing to do . and what to do rather.
– The most essential elements to increase consumer retention and keep your consumer for several years .
– How Fortune 500 business like AT&T and Comcast utilized a secret technique that enabled them to scale their services to 10s of countless dollars in repeating profits .

– Access to me and my group in our Facebook neighborhood to address your concerns – And far more .

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