You are currently viewing Funnelize – The 8 Crazy Profitable Funnels
Funnelize – The 8 Crazy Profitable Funnels

Funnelize – The 8 Crazy Profitable Funnels

Funnelize – The 8 Crazy Profitable Funnels

Let Me Show You The 8 Crazy Profitable Funnels That ANYONE Can Create to Build Leads & Drive Sales WITHOUT Any Experience….
Funnel #5 Literally Transformed My Business In a Few Days…

​8 Funnel blueprints to follow including case-studies and live demo’s of each!
​Over 35+ training videos included!
​Over 25 Cheatsheets & PDFs!
​Full case studies and walkthroughs for every funnel
​Learn to build your email marketing list like the pro’s!
​Newbie friendly from beginning to end!

The FAST-TRACK To An Evergreen Online Business Is… Look, it’s one of the greatest myths online; that getting customers, sales, and leads is hard…
It’s not! There isn’t some magical shortage of leads that you need to “tap into” – there are hundreds, thousands, even ten’s of thousands of leads for your business regardless of your niche. You could be getting them right now!
What you’re missing is a system that does 2 CRITICAL things…
…These two things are non-negotiable for trying to grow any level of success this year, next year, and into the future…
1) Magnetic attraction where your ideal audience is drawn to you like a moth to a flame…
2) A step-by-step process where you grow prospects into leads, leads into customers, and customers into repeat customers!

The sad thing is, you already have everything required to build this system yourself!
Any training, tools, software, and courses you’ve picked up before are all pieces of the puzzle you’ve been collecting…
…but I want to give you the map to assemble it!
Once you have this system created you’ll have something all of the industry leaders, influencers, and guru’s of your niche have;
The psychological powerhouse of a high converting, lead generating, sale-making FUNNEL! Complete with a ravenous group of followers, an email list of buyers and leads, credibility and authority, and an emotional connection with each of your prospects.

MYTH #1″I Need Special Software To Build a Funnel”I hear this myth all the time and it drives me crazy!
Thanks to some brilliant marketing from some software developers, the term “funnel” is often linked with certain tools to help you develop web pages, but that’s the thing…
A funnel is just a collection of pages online. That’s it!
You can build a funnel using a free Wordpress theme, a free drag n’ drop page builder like Wix or Squarespace, or build it from scratch in HTML.
Tools are great to help you get things done, but it doesn’t mean they’re required.

MYTH #2″I Need To Be an Expert To Manage a Funnel”Nope, wrong again I’m afraid!
Creating and managing a funnel is actually very easy… It just depends on the kind of funnel you’re using.
A MONSTER funnel with 15 steps and multiple stages of retargeting and email follow-ups is definitely tricky!
But why run before you can walk? I can show multiple examples of a simple 2/3 page funnel that both get’s subscribers on your email list, and even generates sales…
There’s an effective funnel for any experience level!

MYTH #3″I’m Just a Beginner, I Have No Idea How to Build a Funnel…”When I first heard about building a funnel my eyes glazed over!
I didn’t even really understand what it was, how to build “it”, and where to start!
Let me tell you, I was terrified!
But here’s the thing…
By breaking the process down into simple-steps I was able to create a blueprint that I can give to anyone to follow.
Regardless of your experience level I promise you that building a funnel is much more within reach than you’ve ever thought!

FUNNELIZE Includes Detailed Explanations & Demos For The Following 8 High Converting Funnels

FUNNEL #1 The Gateway Funnel This simple 2-page funnel is focused on getting email leads into your business. Period. It also acts as a warm-up to move them into Any Of the other funnels below

FUNNEL #2 The Tripwire Funnel Also called the “Free Advertising Funnel” by many top-marketers because it’s application with paid traffic generally causes offets the cost of paid ads resulting in free traffic.

FUNNEL #3 The Webinar Funnel This massively successful funnel shows how to significantly reduce costs of getting registrations to a webinar, and increases the “show up” rate of attendees

FUNNEL #4 The Launch Funnel The Launch funnel is massively effective at creating a product launch without using affiliates or JV partners. Inside this case study you’ll see one “guru” launch that was massively successful without using any partners for the launch.

FUNNEL #5 The Affiliate Funnel This deceptively simple funnel is responsible for the biggest affiliate promotions I’ve run all year. Also includes a case study of my recent success using this funnel.

FUNNEL #6 The Mega-Ticket Funnel This funnel completely breaks down how guru’s are able to sell incredibly high-ticket programs using just a few pages online. Mindblowingly simple…

FUNNEL #7 The Offline-Client Funnel This simple 2-step funnel is a great way to for consultants to put together a winning funnel and get fast results for their clients.

FUNNEL #8 The Tagging Funnel This incredibly helpful funnel shows you how to take a LARGE audience and split them down into different groups based on their interests and needs. Very helpful for large-scale marketers!

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