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Josh Hall – Website Design Course Download

Here’s What You Get:

Learn how to design stunning websites and develop an “eye for design” which will help you earn more by creating beautiful, conversion based designs for you and your clients. And remember, you get lifetime access when you join!

Learn the basics and fundamentals of good design practices.

Gain and eye for design even if you feel you’re not a creative type.

Earn more by offering beautiful designs that convert for your clients.

Learn best practices for web design making you more valuable.

Learn from real world examples on sites we took from ugly to beautiful.

Become confident when designing websites, emails and other mediums.

Course contains 15 main design lessons (15 videos at 4hr 38min) and the website build portion contains 6 lessons (12 videos at 3hrs 21min). 3 Additional webinars followed by live Q&A’s (3 videos at 3hrs 16min)

Total course time: Currently 11hrs 16min with webinars included.

Module 1: Developing an Eye for Design

In this module, we’ll explore the super important “mentality” of good design, why it’s important and crucial psycological strategies and tactics that you can apply to help you gain and eye for design no matter what level you’re currently at.


  • Why Good Design Matters (10:27)
  • Purpose of Good Design (12:05)
  • How to Develop an Eye For Design (20:21)
  • How to Overcome Design Block (19:06)
  • Resources for Your “Design Toolbox” (14:18)

Part 2: Design Basics & Principles

In this module, we’ll explore the most important general, basic and fundamental elements of good design which you can apply to every aspect of a website design and even into other avenues such as how to format text and content in a pleasing way, graphic or print design, thumbnails and more.


  • Hierarchy (20:37)
  • Rule of Thirds (12:05)
  • Fonts & Typography (26:28)
  • Color Management (28:35)
  • Images & Text (14:45)

Part 3: Web Design Specifics

In this module, we’ll take everything we’ve learned up to this point with the physiology and fundamentals of good design and look at how to apply them to the most important areas of a website design which will help conversions, aesthetics, organization, user engagement and more!


  • Call-To-Actions & Conversions ( 22:23)
  • Navigation & Menus (17:56)
  • Webpage Flow & Design (19:31)
  • Blending It All Together (22:56)
  • Desktop vs Mobile Design (16:54)

Part 4: Website Design Build

In this module, we’ll put everything we’ve learned to the test and create a beautiful website using all the principles, tactics and elements of good design. What we build here can be translated to an unlimited number of website styles all still based around the basic, most important fundamentals of good design.


  • Planning out the design + Josh’s design questionnaire (15:01)
  • General design settings (12:36)
  • Header/menu build (19:14)
  • Front page build (7 videos, 1hr 42m)
  • Sub page build (25:45)
  • Mobile design optimization (25:37)

Part 5: Webinars & Extra’s

(In this module, I’ll do a few live webinars that cover case studies and exclusive example style trainings. Students can watch live, join in the chat and ask questions after each webinar. They will also be archived here for those who can’t make it live.


  • Webinar 1: Case Studies – Before & Afters from My Portfolio (59:53)
  • Webinar 2: Text Based Design (1:16:29)
  • Webinar 3: Thumbnail & Featured Image Design (1:00:21)
  • Course links and resources