You are currently viewing John Assaraf – Winning The Game of Money Download

John Assaraf – Winning The Game of Money Download

John Assaraf – Winning The Game of Money Download


Prime Your Brain For Success

Immediately see yourself doubling and tripling your income and start taking inspired action daily. Develop the mindset, emotions & behaviors for unstoppable financial success.


Rewrite Your Brain’s
“Money Story”

Discover the 7 Keys to change your brain’s hidden “Money Story” to break free of your past or present financial results.


Flip On Your “Success Switch”

Our “secret sauce” to bring your mindset, skill set, and action set into alignment to achieve all of your financial and life goals. This is massive!


Release Your Anxiety & Excuses

It’s time to release the stories and excuses that are currently holding you back. You’ll also get the 6 crucial elements to make your new “Money Story” stick.


Think & Grow Rich

Discover how to create the “Inner Mindset of Success” and the subconscious success patterns so your brain automatically helps you focus on eliminating your debts and increasing your income faster.


Generate HUGE Income-Generating Ideas

In Level 6, you’ll activate the brain patterns to generate HUGE income-generating ideas with more confidence and creativity. This includes my “9 Environments of Breakaway Success.”


The G.O.P.A. Method

Rediscover the feeling of gratitude and appreciation for yourself – by tapping into your subconscious and connecting your goals & dreams to your outcomes using cutting-edge visualization techniques. Note: John only teaches this to his $75K a day private clients.


Optimize Your “Money Making” Brain

In Level 8, you will optimize your wealth mindset with even deeper brain trainings AND… release the self-sabotaging behaviors that keep you stuck and KILL your momentum and success.


Unlocking Your Brain’s Superpowers

The guaranteed formula to go from just setting goals to actually achieving them. This method uses the latest neuroscience research to help you achieve any goal big or small.


Let Go Of Money Fears

Learn how to release any of the 50 most common money fears you may have hidden inside you. You’ll also get 6 tested & proven strategies to interrupt the negative thoughts and feelings that can throw you off-track.


Access Abundance & Wealth

Get the life-changing methods to create abundance in every IMPORTANT area of your life. The same ones John used to go from lazy entrepreneur… to running a company with $4.5B a year in sales. With less anxiety and work than you could ever imagine.


Become an Automatic Millionaire

In Level 12, you will discover how to become an “Automatic Millionaire” using the turnkey formula over 100,000 members have used to get life-changing results and long-term wealth. This training is worth the price alone