You are currently viewing Film Booth – Thumbnail University 2023 Download

Film Booth – Thumbnail University 2023 Download

Film Booth – Thumbnail University 2023 Download

What You Get:

Course Stage 1 – Master The Basics 

The first half of the Thumbnail University course will teach new students all of the basics (and not so basics) that are critical to master. They will build the foundations that’ll get you more clicks.

🤔 Get More Clicks 

Module 1 – Strategy 


  • why people really click on videos
  • 8 powerful thumbnail strategies
  • a tried and tested strategy process system
  • how to discover high view items to include in your images
  • to find the best image ideas

✍🏼 Turn Design In To Views

Module 2 – Design Basics 


  • to avoid the biggest mistakes in thumbnail design
  • design basics that make images more clickable

📷  Make Your Camera A Growth Weapon

Module 3 – Photography Basics 


  • how to set up a your camera to produce irresistible image quality
  • where to position people and items in your photos
  • how aspect ratio impacts your thumbnails
  • the kit you’ll need to level up your image quality

💡  Impress With Your Quality 

Module 4 – Lighting

  • Get to know and understand different lighting styles
  • Understand what lighting to use and when
  • Learn to set up lighting so you can emulate world class YouTubers

🎨  Level Up Your Design Skills

Module 5 – Photography Basics 

  •  14  Photoshop tutorials to ensure you master the basics  (before we take things next level in the walkthrough modules)

Course Stage 2 – Go From Good To Great 

This is where the magic happens. 

We’ve taken some of the best thumbnails from big YouTubers and remade them step by step in a series of detailed walkthrough videos.

In these videos, we’ll show you the tricks they used to make their images, and then you’ll produce them at the same time as us.

We’ll show you how to set up your lighting and camera to re-create your own high quality versions and after you’ll watch Photoshop walkthroughs that’ll teach you how to level up your images to the same quality as theirs.

Recreating top thumbnails is how you will transform your ability and this stage really is the game changer.

🎓Module 6 – Master The Art Of Clean Thumbnails 


  • How to recreate a top YouTubers clean thumbnail style
  • How to set up your camera and lighting to achieve their look
  • Beginner to advanced Photoshop tips and tricks
  • How to combine photos and props
  • How to edit graphics

🎓 Module 7 – Master Colourful Image


  • How to recreate a viral YouTubers colourful style
  • Pro Lighting and image production tricks
  • Photoshop hacks
  • How to combine photos and props

🎓 Module 8 – Master Products & Items


  • How to create epic product & item based thumbnails
  • How to use coloured light to make items pop
  • How to make thumbnails stick out with cheap coloured card
  • How to grade your images to look slicker than BP’s latest accident

🎓 Module 9 – Master Cinematic Thumbnails 


  • How to create slick cinematic images
  • How to light images an HBO producer would swoon over
  • How to dress a set to get attention
  • How to colour change, finesse and level up slick photography in Photoshop

🎓 Module 10 – Master EPIC Thumbnails 



  • How to re-create on of the most eye catching viral thumbnails on the planet
  • Advanced lighting tricks
  • Advanced Photoshop skills

🎓 Module 11 – Time Saving 


  • How to speed up your production process
  • To design your brand style