Dolf De Roos – Property Investors School + Real Estate Investors College
Dolf De Roos – Property Investors School + Real Estate Investors College

Dolf De Roos – Property Investors School + Real Estate Investors College

Dolf De Roos – Property Investors School + Real Estate Investors College

The Property Investor’s School is a live recording of our unique two-day event, which is only available to a select number of participants in any year. Professionally recorded and edited, this course will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to easily create passive income through real estate. While there can be no substitute for attending our live event, this recording is the next best thing. In fact, our participants who have listened to the program prior to attending the event greatly increase what they learn and retain.

The program refers to a Proposal for Finance document that is available on the website. You may view it and download it by clicking on the link below. Of course, if you do not yet have the audio set, you can still view the Proposal for Finance but you won’t get the benefit of the detailed explanations.

Included: Property Investor’s Guidebook – an interactive 100+ page workbook designed to be used in conjunction with the audio portion of the PIS allowing you to work along with Dolf as he takes you through individual investment processes.

Dolf De Roos – Real Estate Investors College Download

Location, location, vocation: financial freedom through real estate, the Dolf de Roos way! Property Investor’s School (10 compact discs)
The professionally produced audio recordings of the acclaimed, live, two-day real estate mentoring program previously available to only 10 students a year! Guiding you through a complete overview of Dolf de Roos’ approach to the real estate investment process, the Property Investor’s School offers the complete curriculum for financial freedom, from purchase to profit! Course highlights:
• Spotting property with a below-value “twist”
• Property analysis for a personal fit
• Staking your territory & where to search
• Choosing a realtor
• Lender approval for purchase price plus
• No-fail mortgage application
• Purchase & Sale clauses that work for you!
• Offers with seller appeal
• The Offer: yield a bit, or stand your ground?
• Settlement & possession structure
• Proposals for finance
• Managing for profit
• Ensuring that tradespeople do your jobs first
• Commercial vs. residential property
• Cutting non-performing tenants loose Real Estate Riches:
How to Become Rich Using Your Banker’s Money (3 compact discs)
The author-approved abridged version of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller, now on audio CD. With a running time of approximately 3 hours, Real Estate Riches is the comprehensive, critically acclaimed audio reference providing field-tested techniques for creating wealth through property. Audio book highlights:
• Why real estate is exponentially better than other investments
• Finding the real estate “Deal of the Decade” every week!
• Increasing property value with tiny expenditures
• Employing tax law to subsidize your investment
• Using your lender’s money to create passive income for yourself DVD BONUS!
Discussions with Dolf
A unique digital video disc forum offering real-life answers to specific real estate queries posed by program participants around the globe, Discussions with Dolf provides continuing real estate education in an illuminating Q & A format.
60 MINUTES A promise for your financial future, from best-selling author and real estate expert Dolf de Roos:
“You will learn both basic and advanced techniques, and many small, smart things that can increase your ability to select, negotiate, buy, finance, and manage properties to help you become prosperous through property investment. However, we also take the human element into account, so that you can become a powerful force to be reckoned with in property. Learn how to use leverage to develop a passive income so that you no longer have to work. Find out not only how to build wealth, but how to enjoy it as well.” Make a date for financial independence by enrolling in Dolf de Roos’ Real Estate Investor’s College on audio compact disc. Let property investment guru Dolf de Roos demonstrate insider techniques and field-tested strategies designed to maximize property value for all levels of real estate investors, as he shows just how frequently unique opportunities present themselves to those in the know. The Property Investor’s School on 10 CDs provides a dynamic audio record of Dolf’s mentoring sessions previously available only in-person, to only 10 students per year. Real Estate Riches on 3 CDs abridges the New York Times and Wall Street Journal print bestseller to create a portable audio compendium of how-to tips for creating property income. Finally, sit in on Discussions with Dolf, a DVD bonus comprising an international question-and-answer session featuring specific real estate queries from program participants. Covering everything from lenders to leases; tradespeople to tenants, Dolf de Roos’ Real Estate Investor’s College is your graduate course in financial security! Audio Success blurb
The Audio Success Series from TOPICS Entertainment® is a premium audio line of personal productivity recordings

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