You are currently viewing Andy Skraga – The Facebook Traffic Blueprint Download

Andy Skraga – The Facebook Traffic Blueprint Download

What You Will Learn Inside The Facebook Traffic Blueprint Course:

This premium course is designed to be very in-depth and is regularly updated, covering every aspect you will need to learn to conquer Facebook traffic! The course is divided into 10 sections with a total of 35 detailed lessons:

Section 01: Introduction

  •  A great traffic addition or alternative to SEO
  •  Why use Facebook to drive traffic your website?

Section 02: Facebook Niche Selection

  • SEO vs Facebook when it comes to choosing a niche
  • What website niches offer the highest ROI
  •  Analyzing successful Facebook pages

Section 03: Setting Up Your Facebook Page Or Group

  • About Facebook accounts and pages
  • Facebook page administration and backing up
  • How many Facebook pages should I create?
  • Buying an existing Facebook page or group

Section 04: Growing Your Facebook Page Or Group

  •  Acquiring likes and followers for your Facebook page
  • Growing your page natively on Facebook
  • Growing your page via the Like Button
  • Going viral – what does it mean and what happens to your traffic

Section 05: Using Facebook Ads To Buy Followers And Drive Traffic

  • Using Facebook page like ads to buy followers
  • Using Facebook page like ads to drive traffic

Section 06: Setting Up Your Website For Facebook Traffic

  • Adding the Meta pixel to your website
  • Website layouts for Facebook traffic
  • Creating website content that works for Facebook

Section 07: What To Post – Content Creation

  • The different types of Facebook post format
  • Making the most of status (text) posts
  • Making the most of image posts
  • Facebook image formats and dimensions
  • Adding website links to image or video posts
  • The importance of the link post thumbnail
  • Using link posts to drive Facebook traffic to your site
  • Testing your link posts with the Meta Sharing Debugger
  • Optimizing your link post title (headline)
  • How to avoid being banned or suspended from Facebook

Section 08: Post Scheduling And Analytics

  • When to post Facebook content
  • Post scheduling tools
  • Analyzing your Facebook page and post metrics

Section 09: Monetizing Or Selling Your Facebook Traffic Sites

  • Making revenue from Facebook traffic
  • Selling your Facebook page or group
  • Selling your Facebook traffic website

Section 10: Case Studies