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Alison Prince – The 0-100K System

Alison Prince – The 0-100K System

Alison Prince – The 0-100K System

What do you get with your 0-100K System Membership? Hold on… because it’s a whole lot of great stuff! 

Lifetime Access to the 0-100K System.  That includes a six-week step-by-step guide, tons of videos, cheat sheets, templates and more so that you can get off the ground faster.  (Valued at $9,997) 

Exclusive Private Facebook Group unlike any other. You’ll have the chance to engage with people who are just getting started as well as those who have been using the system to grow their businesses for years.  Have a question?  It gets answered!  Need a little extra boost?  It’s there for you. Plus you get live coaching sessions twice a week with me or other ecommerce experts.  You’re going to love it! (Valued at $995) 

Secret Trend Generator Concerned you won’t know what to sell?  Say goodbye to sitting in front of your computer for hours trying to find out what’s trending and hello to products people want to buy. I created this exclusively for members to speed up their selling process to get you to your sales even faster — the response has been crazy! (Valued at $997)

Golden Influencer FormulaInfluencers can help you grow your business exponentially by promoting your brand to their audiences. I help you identify and connect with the right influencers for you (and even include some pretty snazzy templates – Valued at $999)

 Little Black Book of Manufacturers (the ‘LBB’). This alone is well worth the investment in the 0-100k System because it helps you eliminate the costly trial and error of trying to find good manufactures.  You’ll have access to the list of companies I work with both in the USA and China –complete with emails and websites.  Seriously — it is SUCH a great resource!  (Available after Day 15 – Valued at $1989) 

Special Surprise BonusImagine having me hold your hand and walk you through every step of this process. That’s essentially what you’ll have with the checklists, fast track maps and other tools I’ve created to get you on a path to success. (Valued at: Priceless)

Expert Bonus Section  Get in-depth trainings from industry leaders on topics like how to set up your business entity, how to brand your business and how to increase repeat customers.

Is The 0-100K System Right for You?So let’s talk realities. The 0-100K System isn’t right for everyone,  which is why I created this handy-dandy checklist so that you can decide if it’s the perfect option for you. This system IS for you if…

  • ​You want a proven, step-by-step process that gets your business started and growing sustainably.
  • ​ You want ongoing support and the opportunity to celebrate your successes.
  • ​ You want to earn extra income in a way that fits your lifestyle.
  • ​You don’t know what to sell or where to start.
  • ​You’ve started a business but feel stuck.
  • ​You are ready to grow your business to the next level.
  • ​ You don’t want to waste time or money.
  • ​You want to be able to go directly to manufacturers for your products.
  • ​You want to be able to sell without having a big social media following.
  • ​You are open to discovering new ways to sell and brand products.

This system is NOT for you if…

  • ​You want to become a billionaire next week or are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. Nope. Not gonna find that here.
  • ​You want to devote more than 40 hours a week to building an online business. I mean, it’s great if you like that sort of thing, but my system allows you to work less while making more.
  • ​You want to invest years of searching and getting Google overload. My goal is to save you time so you can get away from your screen.
  • ​You want to “reinvent the wheel.” I promise, this system has been proven to work by a whole bunch of people. Why try to fix something that’s not broken?
  • ​You don’t want to put in any work. Building any kind of business requires effort, and this is no different.
  • ​You are a Negative Ned or a Debbie Downer. Just leaving that one right there.
  • ​You are not open to learning new things.

What Do The 6 Weeks of the 0-100K System Look Like?Week OneWelcome to the System! In your first week we’ll help you “unpack” and walk you through where to find the must-have resources you’ll need to get started, get organized and get even more excited

  • Important Docs
  • ​FAQ’s and Ecom Lingo 101
  • ​Product Inventory Tracker
  • Influencer Organization Document
  • ​How to Set Up Your Business Legally
  • ​My Fast Track Process

Week TwoGet ready to dig deep, because you’ll be learning how to brand your business, find products, understand profit margins, come up with packaging ideas and even how to balance work and family. Other topics include:

  • ​Logos and Color Hacks
  • ​Focus Tricks to Help You Get ‘Move Mountains’
  • ​Finding Your Drive Because Motivation Dies
  • ​Secret Trend Generator
  • ​12-Month Product Selling Guide
  • ​Trending Ideas
  •  Importing
  • ​Profit Margin Calculator
  • ​Pricing Your Products
  • ​Selling Sweet Spots

Week ThreeYou’ll be getting practical with topics like:

  • ​Product Photography and Lighting
  • ​Platforms That Will Help You Sell Your Products
  • ​What Online Shopping Carts Work the Best…and Which One Will Work Best For You
  • What Platforms You Should NOT Be Using

One more thing – I’m going to be sharing my experiences with the freakin’ jerk heads of the world…and how not to let them bring you down.**And on Day 15, you’ll get access to the Little Black Book of Manufacturers!!!!!! Get ready to celebrate!**

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