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Tony Norris – Failproof Profits Masterclass

What’s in the training…

You’ll receive complete training through online videos, articles, and resources.

This training is distilled from over 25 years of selling ads inside restaurants. On your own it would take THOUSANDS of hours to figure all this stuff out.

This training has a real world value of over $10,000.

I’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to!

Module 1: The “Fail-Proof” System

In this module i’ll explain exactly how and why the business works, and why it is fail proof, including:

  • Why you will always make money.
  • How restaurants can use the free boards.
  • Why you don’t need “sales skills”.
  • Physical specifications of the boards.
Module 2: Give Away the FREE Board

The foundation of being able to sell the ads is giving a free board to a local restaurant. I’m sure you can imagine that this is not very difficult. Everyone LOVES free marketing stuff. I’ll teach you:

  • Exactly how to approach the restaurant
  • The exact script that I use,
  • How to get referrals from the restaurant owner.
Module 3: Payday! – Finding the Advertisers

Now that you have a restaurant set up, you can approach the referrals from the restaurant owner. In this module you’ll learn:

  • What categories of businesses are most likely to buy.
  • The exact script I use to get advertisers.
  • How to write up the ad copy (hint: it’s really easy)
  • Answers to the most common questions.
Module 4: You’re Done! – We Take It From Here.

Now that you have your project completed, it’s time to send everything to us and let us take care of all the fulfillment. You take care of the sales and we take care of everything else, including:

  • Ad design and layout.
  • Sending proofs to all your advertisers.
  • Making changes/corrections to the ads.
  • Manufacturing the board.
  • And, even shipping directly to the restaurant (or you if you prefer).

We do all this for just $650!