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Shaan Puri – Power Writing Download

Shaan Puri – Power Writing Download

Become 2x Better at Writing in 8 Days

In just 8 days, I’ll provide you with the tools and resources you need to compose effective emails, blog posts, and landing pages. My expertise, honed through years of study and practice, will enable you to improve your skills and achieve success like I have.

♦ What we’ll work on together

  • In this course, you will learn how to write cold emails that actually get results. We’ll cover the essential elements of crafting a successful cold email and strategies for increasing your response rate. Additionally, you’ll learn how to write landing pages that convert visitors into customers by focusing on the most important attribute: copywriting. You’ll also discover the secret to going viral and how to pitch your brand in a compelling and confident manner. We’ll also cover how to write headlines that grab attention and how to emulate the writing style of one of the most successful CEOs of all time, Jeff Bezos, based on my experience working on the Twitch executive team.

⇒ Who I made this course for

  1. The “growth” or “marketing” person at your company
  2. Someone who wants to have a big loyal audience like I have built
  3. CEOs or future execs who want to write like a boss

♦ Meet your instructor

Shaan Puri
Former CEO of Bebo (sold to Twitch)

🎧 Host of My First Million podcast (10M downloads/year)

📈 Grew Twitter audience by +100k followers in 4 months through power writing tactics

📧 Founded Milk Road crypto newsletter (100,000+ subscribers in 4 months)

⇒ More from alumni

I’ve spent thousands on courses & degrees and frankly none of them have empowered or energized me quite like Shaan’s course. I was genuinely sad when it ended today 10/10 I can’t recommend Shaan’s Power Writing course enough. A MUST for every entrepreneur 📈
– Amanda Emmanuel

Last week I completed Power Writing course with Shaan. Avalanche of insights, but what’s even greater is the crew of ambitious folks who aspire to become better writers alongside you. Where else do you have Dharmesh Shah, CTO of Hubspot, in your cohort?
– Nikita

Just finished Shaan’s power writing course. It was six sessions of fantastic content – helping improve my writing in a ton of areas (Cold Emails, Twitter, Landing Pages, Investor Updates, more..) Invest in yourself – it’s so worth it!
– Nathan Heerdt
CEO, Healthy Roster

Writing is the biggest unlock there is. Everything goes up and to the right when you can write. Shaan is my writing sherpa. Grateful for it. And he can be yours too. You won’t regret it.
– Greg Isenberg
Founder, LateCheckout

♦ Course syllabus

  1. Cold Emails That Actually Get Replies
    I get a lot of cold emails. Most of them are terrible. Instant-delete. I’ll show you how I’ve used cold emails to get my dream job, meet mentors, and sell millions of dollars worth of products.
  2. The EGG Method for Going Viral
    People think going viral is a “lucky break”. Like a lottery ticket. Well…not exactly. There is no guarantee something will go viral, but you can massively shift the odds in your favor. I’ve done it many times, and use the EGG method.
  3. Storytelling for Unfunny People
    “The most powerful person in the world is a storyteller” – Steve Jobs. In this 2-part lesson, I’ll share the basics of storytelling, and how to become just good enough to be dangerous at it.
  4. + more powerful lessons

⇒ Learning is better with cohorts

  • Active learning, not passive watching
    I believe in learning by doing. If I tell you how to write, you’ll forget next week. So this course is structured as: “Do → Learn → Do”. You get a writing prompt. You try it (10 mins), then I show you how to do it, with examples and templates… then you do it again. Learn by doing!
  • Accountability and feedback
    We will be “learning in public”, meaning you will be encouraged to share your “before & after” examples on social media.