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Laura Dezonie – How To Create An Art Printable Etsy Shop

Well hello there lovely.

So if you’re thinking about creating a kick-ass Art Printable Etsy shop then I have just the FREE mini course for you!

I know how overwhelming it feels to start thinking about how to build a passive income art printables business, especially if you have little to no experience in what it takes to set-up and scale an Etsy shop.

That’s why I wanted to create this short but super helpful mini course for you, that’ll talk you through all the pros and cons of owning an art printable Etsy shop and lay down some of the basic elements you’ll need to set-up an awesome art printable business in a matter of days!

In this short video course, i’ll be showing you some super simple but actionable steps you can take to ensure your art printable shop is set-up to make consistent sales and how you can easily create gorgeous art printables to stock up your Etsy shelves.

But I want to be 100% honest with you here for a sec…

When I first ‘started’ my little art printable business just over 18 months ago, I had absolutely no idea what I would need to do to ensure I could make it successful!

For the first 6 months after I set-up my Etsy shop, I was stuck in an endless rut of trying everything and anything I possibly could to grow my traffic and make art printable sales with literally ZERO results!

I spent way too much of my time scouring the internet for any hint of guidance on how to build a successful Etsy businesssell art printables and make passive income online and I went round and round in circles madly trying random tricks, hacks and ‘miracle solutions’ that in the end just took up more and more of my precious time but did NOTHING to improve my passive income results!

Trust me, I never want you to have to feel that overworked, overwhelmed and disappointed whilst creating your own Etsy shop!

After getting absolutely no where over those 6 months, I eventually had to step away from my failing Etsy biz, my empty bank account and all the blogs and videos i’de gathered that promised me Etsy success if I just did this ONE thing that all the Top Sellers did!

And I finally took a clear look at what the heck I was doing and WHY I just wasn’t seeing the results that everyone else seemed to achieve overnight!


Once I realized that I needed to stop fogging my mind up with random ‘Etsy tricks’ and trying to implement them in my shop with NO understanding of what they would do…

I sat down, took out a paper and pen and started to layout EVERYTHING my Etsy shop would REALLY need to attract customers and make consistent sales!

I then set out a strategic and step-by-step process to build a low maintenance art printable business that was customer focused, SEO ready and equipped with awesome traffic funnels that now bring me in sales on auto-pilot each month!

And in just 12 months of taking this new approach, I built my little art print business to make me over £10,000+.


I’ve told you my little story to really help you understand that the TRUE way to create a kick-ass art printable Etsy shop that brings you in passive income every month, ISN’T to simply dive in and scramble together a ramshackle art printable business that’ll fall at the first hurdle on your Etsy journey…

It’s to make sure that you take simple strategic steps to prepare yourself to create a SUCCESSFUL Etsy shop by learning how to…

1. Add the key elements you’ll need in your shop to ensure it can attract visitors and convert them into paying customers

2. Create super high quality art printables that you can offer to your customers over and over again

3. Build amazing traffic funnels that’ll drive your target audience to your products and make sales on auto-pilot

I’ve created this FREE mini course to help you get prepped for the FULL Art Printables On Etsy Course, so that you’ll have all the BASIC knowledge you’ll need to create an amazing Art Printable Etsy Biz BEFORE you jump in and start building a passive income business that’ll change your financial future.

Lets get it right the first time, so we can reach our FINANCIAL FREEDOM dreams 10x faster!

See you on the prep course lovely,