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Jerry Acuff – Selling Excellence by Thinking Like a Customer Download

Jerry Acuff – Selling Excellence by Thinking Like a Customer Download

Includes Relationship Edge and Goal Setting

Learn how to be exceptional at selling without being pushy or aggressive from one of the world’s top sales experts: Jerry Acuff. Jerry’s sales tenets build on the fact that people hate to be sold but they love to buy. If you Think Like the Customer rather than acting like a sales person you’ll make the sales interaction more purposeful and meaningful. These courses are designed to teach you how.
There are specific skills that all great salespeople possess (regardless of the sales model or product). You’ll learn the most effective ways to uncover what your customers really think and how to ask questions so your customers will want to answer—and to answer honestly. You’ll learn how to influence customers so they want to buy what you have to sell. The resources contained in this offering are unparalleled. It would be difficult for anyone to subscribe to this offering and not see their sales interactions become more impactful and their sales numbers rise.
Although our Selling Excellence courses are designed for salespeople, the reality is that nearly everyone needs to know how to sell. One way to look at selling is that it’s the ability to influence others. It’s about communicating in a way that people will want to listen to you and share their honest thoughts, even when they disagree. This knowledge can be invaluable for parents, teachers, and really anyone who might want to have others adopt their ideas—whether you are an entrepreneur or trying to get your colleagues (or friends) to do something differently or pitching an idea to your boss.

What’s Included:

  • Essential Fundamentals
  • What Is Selling?
  • Thinking Like a Customer
  • Introduction to the Big 8
  • Big 8: Goal Setting
  • The Big 8: Planning
  • Big 8: Relationship Edge®
  • The Big 8: Opening the Call
  • Big 8: Asking Questions
  • Big 8: Telling the Product Story
  • Big 8: Handling Objections & Customer Feedback
  • Big 8: Closing for Commitment
  • Putting it All Together with Role Plays
  • Conclusion: Final Words on Selling Excellence