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Discover A Brand New Secret Way to Build An Email List Without An Autoresponder or Website, 100% For Free!

Hey Jeremy Kennedy here, 

I just stumbled upon the coolest freaking thing…

You already know if you want to make money online you basically have to build an email list.

That’s just the way it is.

But there’s a big hurdle to that…

You need an autoresponder.

Autoresponders take time to setup & cost you a monthly fee.

I pay almost $200 a month for my autoresponder and that’s just something a lot of people can’t or won’t do.

Autoresponders can be complicated and difficult to set up.

BUT… Check this out…

I don’t care if you’re a brand spanking newbie or you’ve been
doing this for a while like I have since 2012.

A major platform with a household name
just added a brand new function to their platform.

It is basically an autoresponder that allows you to build a real email list that you can broadcast real newsletters to…

Absolutely 100% for free.

Let me say that again…

You can build a list an email list of subscribers, just like you would with a regular autoresponder,

And you can broadcast  email newsletters to those subscribers just like you would in your normal autoresponder.

And it is absolutely 100% FREE!

It’s not some gimmicky cheap-o thing, either.

It is from a major household-name internet behemoth platform.

The reason it’s free is precisely because they are a giant platform and they value the users more than charging the user to use their thing.

I have never been so excited about a platform like this.

And check this out…

You can even import your own email list!

If you’re like me and you’ve got thousands of people on your email list
already in another autoresponder, you can import those subscribers to this platform and mail them for free!

PLUS, you can export the subscribers you get with this out to your other autoresponders.

In fact, they have integrations with Zapier where you can just zap them over to your other autoresponders if you want.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Because they have another (still free) level to this…

You can create a “premium” email list where you can charge people a monthly recurring fee to be on that list!

Creating a “membership” just to be a subscriber to your email newsletter!!

And it doesn’t cost you a dime!

BTW, you can send your subscribers whatever you want to.

It could be promos, affiliate stuff, your products, other people’s products,
physical eCom stuff, whatever you want.

And then you can also offer them the ability to join your “premium” list
and charge a recurring fee for that.

This is super cool and has never been so easy!

It takes literally 10 minutes to set up, if that, it’s so stinking easy.

I recorded videos where you’re gonna actually watch over my shoulder as I set it all up right in front of you.

In way less than an hour from right now you can be fully setup ready to take subscribers and ready to send them emails.

Again, 100% for FREE.

And by the way…

You don’t need a lead
capture page or website, EVER!

Say goodbye to expensive & complicated page builders!

Everything is built right in to this one platform.

It takes just a couple clicks to set up the feature
where they subscribe to your list.

No building any websites, anytime, ever! 

Set this thing up in 10 minutes you’re ready to go.

This is truly going to make it so easy for people that have never had an
email list before.