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Jamie Atkinson – 28 Day Podcast Profit LAB Free

Jamie Atkinson – 28 Day Podcast Profit LAB

Jamie Atkinson – 28 Day Podcast Profit LAB

At Last! Discover The Real Secret To Launching a Wildly Profitable Podcast in 30 Days 

( Even If You Have ZERO Experience, Audience or Tech-Skills! )

What You Get:

  •  28 Day Podcast Profit LAB™ Launch Roadmap & Monetization Strategy 
  •  40 HOURS of Daily Group Coaching and Q&A Coaching Calls
  •  High Profile Guest Outreach Masterclass   
  •  12 Month Content Creation Guides & Template
  •  Ultimate Podcast Intro & Outro Creation   
  •  Podcast Branding Expert Masterclass & Templates
  •  Podcast Publicity Sheet Template + Guided Setup     
  •  BONUS: Copy & Paste Hiring Assets & Systems
  •  BONUS: ‘Podcast Sales Secrets’ High Ticket Sales Process
  •  BONUS: Customizable Podcast Blog Template

The 28-Day Podcast Profit LAB™ Was Created Because We Know The SECRET to Fixing Your Podcasting Problems… You’ll Be Spared From Any of The ‘Tech Drama’ or Headaches That Most People Experience…You Know What? We’re Even Going to Have All Of The Toughest Parts DONE FOR YOU So Not Only Will You Be Able to Avoid Spending $5,000+ On a Podcast Launch Package… …But You’ll Actually Be Able To MAKE MONEY Before Your Podcast EVEN Launches! We’re Going To Guarantee Your Success With Our LAB LAUNCH Roadmap & Monetization Strategy:( Not to Mention DAILY Group Coaching and Q&A as I hold your hand through the entire process ) We Hold Your Hand And Guide You Through The Entire Process Of Launching Your Podcast:

  •  A Complete 28 Day Work-Book + Guided Check List
  •  ‘The LAB Launch Roadmap’ To Catapult You To New + Noteworthy 
  •  40 HOURS of Daily Coaching Calls For An In-Depth Walkthrough of The Exact Process to Follow
  • Live Q&A Where We Answer Any & All of Your Questions
  • 12 Month Content Creation Guide + Editable Templates

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