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Instagram Growth and Marketing Tips from a Top IG Influencer

How I Grew My Instagram Business To 560k Followers And Made 6-Figures using Growth Hacks, Killer Hashtags and Reels

What you’ll learn

  • The Content Strategies and Content Hacks : How to ethically leverage followers & leads from your competitors at no cost!
  • The Growth Strategy That Very Few Instagrammers Know: I will cover the basics but very important fundamentals that will help you grow your Instagram page
  • Branding for Success! Find out how Instagram branding works step-by-step. Create brand awareness and attract your target audience
  • Creating a Killer Bio that will turn Instagram followers into leads and paying customers
  • How to set up a powerful Instagram account that will attract the RIGHT kind of followers
  • The Strategies You Need To Generate Revenue In The Current Climate


  • You should download Instagram onto a mobile device.


Hi, I am Igor Smirnov The Founder Of 560K+ Follower Instagram Page

As an entrepreneurs, there have been times in our lives where we’ve heard and we believed the idea of:

“If You Keep Posting Content, Followers Will Come…”


And so we decide to start our Instagram page…

And keep posting content

And then we WAIT, for followers to find our page and come to us

But unfortunately, they never “just” come…

Is that your story right now? Is that why you’re here?

Have you created something amazing, but you don’t know HOW to get the followers to find you?

Or, does your story sound a little bit different?

Let me tell you my experience, during the start, it was very hard to get people to know we even existed.

We tested everything…

If someone said this would get us more traffic, we tested it, on our own dime.

Most of the things we tried didn’t work…

But a few of the things, the “REAL FORMULA” that did work started to compound on each other.

Each new secret would help us to tap into a new stream of our dream customers!

What seemed impossible before (getting a consistent flow of our dream customers into our funnels), was now a reality.

Here’s A Sneak Peak At What You’ll Discover In Instagram Mastery Course:

  • Content Creation hacks
  • Optimal Schedule
  • How to pick your niche
  • Growing from scratch
  • Creating a Killer Bio
  • Mindset for Instagram Success

In this 120 minute course, I am going to teach you everything you need to know about Instagram’s platform, providing you with details on how to setup your account and grow consistently. Taught by Igor Smirnov AKA Igor Jones

Who this course is for:

  • You want to make a living doing stuff that you love and creating topic that will last for your legacy using Instagram
  • You are a freelancer, Entrepreneur or influencer, or simply if you want to build your personal brand
  • Users who want to monetize their audience on Instagram