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How to Use Keepa for Amazon FBA Wholesale

Includes 4 Golden Nuggets (Advanced Tips and Tricks)

What you’ll learn

  • What is included in the Keepa Membership
  • Using the Keepa website and browser extension
  • How to read the Keepa charts like an expert to avoid unprofitable products
  • How to draw trends and observations using the Keepa charts
  • Scrape product lists with Keepa


  • Being a go-getter!


If you are just getting into Amazon FBA Wholesale or you’re looking to improve your product research techniques, this course will help you step it up! I’m meticulous with product research to make sure the products my team and I invest in are profitable and fast-moving, and Keepa is such a staple in the process.

In this course, we discuss:

  • What your Keepa monthly membership includes
  • How to read the charts properly and find important trends
    • Is this product seasonal?
    • Is this product at an all-time high?
    • Why is the buy box suppressed?
    • Etc.
  • Advanced techniques with Keepa
    • Buy Box Data
    • Finding manufacturers of products
  • Scraping with Keepa

Knowing how to read Keepa charts is insanely important, but knowing how to identify patterns and being able to familiarize yourself with product scenarios is what will allow you to find hidden gems and invest in profitable products — and this is what we cover in the videos.

Outside of reading Keepa properly, I will identify 4 Golden Nuggets that (summarized at the end) that only experienced Amazon sellers know of. These are things that are uncovered via trial/error, digging through Facebook groups, and watching/listening to a ton of youtube videos and podcasts.

So please join me in this course so I can help you read Keepa charts better and get you on your way to finding profitable and fast-moving products!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone getting into Amazon FBA Wholesale/arbitrage
  • An Amazon seller who wants to understand how to avoid products that don’t sell
  • An Amazon seller who wants to learn advanced techniques to be able to get ahead quickly