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Dr. Jon Alfredsson – Shopify Course

Course Outcomes Deepen the strength of your Shopify store with precision Facebook ads and more refined software apps.

Distinguish ad objectives; analyze pixels and audiences; sharpen your market research and ad design skills.

Learn the marketing edge you can attain from Shopify apps that further enhance your conversions, and plan effective outsourcing.

Identify important features of drop shipping platforms.
Assess personal stamina and professional preparedness to start an e-commerce business.
Review fundamental operations and applications within the Shopify e-commerce software.
Outline requirements to set up a fully operational Shopify store.
Plan effective actions to run a Shopify store.

Dive into the fundamentals of drop-shipping and how to set up an e-commerce store on the Shopify platform, as well as how to identify products with proven success for shipping directly from vendors. This is your step-by-step entry level class for creating an e-commerce store online.

Identify important features of Facebook ads to analyze conversions.
Assess types of audiences for distinguishing marketing objectives and ad designs.
Review complex operations and applications within the Shopify e-commerce software.
Systemize tools for documenting your Shopify stores operation.
Evaluate outsourcing actions to grow a Shopify store.

Course Instructor
Dr. Alfredsson brings a unique blend of knowledge, academic rigor, and entrepreneurialism to our cadre of instructors. In addition to earning both a Masters and PhD in electrical engineering, Dr. Alfredsson has created his own business in Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing. He is also a published author.

Over the past seven years as a Social Media Marketing Specialist, Dr. Alfredsson has demonstrated a remarkable knack for establishing successful Shopify businesses. His first ever foray into this world proved to be profitable in only his second month, where he has continually grown in success to at least 5-figures of sales each month.